Noise is one of the biggest pollutants in cities and we are losing quality of life also we have been losing our health. According to recent World Health Organisation report, The noise pollution is not only an environmrental nuisance but also a threat to public health. People do not talk about it, but most people realy suffer from it. In these days, many people have been staying home. Working home and studying home are increasing. Because all country were infected by Covid-19 virus, and most of countries announced quarantine rule, social distancing rules.Therefore, people do not want to disturbing by environmental noise. Staying home-working people need a peace and quiet environment. However, people are more complain from noise in these days, such as motor vehicle of the noise, noise in the street, stray dogs barking noise, neighbour noise, children noise, nursery children noise, music noise, repairment noise, and so on.

On the other hand, In quarantine days, trains, buses and cars were used less then normal and there is significantly less noise from transportation vehicle. We see that the usual hum of public life has vanished. City dwellers might be hearing sounds like the chirping of birds, because people rarely saw them and never hear them in traffic noise.

Noise pollution can negatively affect our health such as stress-related disorder, high blood pressure, sleep disruption, ischemic heart disease, changing personality, panic attack and the other problems. Here we aim awerenes about the noise pollution effect on body health.


Noise is unwanted sound which can damage health and people exposed to it psychologically and socially. Chronic and excessive noise can pose a health risk, reduces indoor-outdoor environment quality and  generate high costs to the national economy. Quiet is a valuable creation, it brings peace and calm to people, but it may no longer be guaranteed every where at all times, because, human activity has been leading to increased levels of noise pollution in the environment.Besides, noise polution is a increasing issue and most of people may not be aware of the impacts of on their health.

Environmental noise has become an increasingly important issue. Many more studies on the health effects of noise have been done over the past few decades. The focus of these studies has shifted from the effect of noise on hearing and cardiovascular health to its broader effect on wellbeing, quality of life and convenience. Environmental noise is generally recognised as a problem, like a air pollution, water pollution and so on. The noise adversely affects health. 

This article provides a brief overview of the effects of noise on health, also the article aims to draw attention for awareness of noise pollution on health, we should discuss the key findings. Because, the results are worrying. Ascending numbers of people in cities are exposed to hazardous or disturbing noise evey day, such as air traffic noise, road traffic noise, railway noise, maintenance-mending noise- construction noise, high volüme of the phone conversation noise, music or TV noise, school- kindergarden- daycare children noise, dogs barking noise, high volüme school ring noise, neighbor noise, noise from pubs and play areas, and so on. Besides, of late years private nursery schools have been increasing in peacefull neighborhood and many residents are disturbed by private nursery school children screaming noise. For example, there is a large increase in the number of private childcare establishment in cities and the boom in the sector supported a rapid growing demand for spaces. Unfortunately, some of them can not well situated, also the private school-kindergarden tent to have much smaller outdoor areas that are used at different times by different age-groups of children from the mornig up to 6pm, which the noise problem becomes more difficult to control .If you have a home, living near a kindergarden school and when you sit in the garden your pleasure is greatly diminished by the noise of shrieking children, you can not enjoy peace and quiet in your own garden. 

Unfortunately noise is pretty harmful for all people, there is some harmfull effect of noise on our psychological-physically and social well being. Also more studies are finding that people do not get used to noise. Excessive and chronic noise also causes physical illness as well as psychological disorder.The consequences include disturbed sleep,cognitive impairement in children-persons and  attention deficit, high blood pressure, anxiety, personality disorder,unintended accident, stress, hearing loss, ischemic heart disease and even heart attacks. Noise also generates costs running into billions, apart from the health costs a very important factor is  reduction of value in real estate values. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) Guidelines which take account of the general adverse and disturbing effects that noise has malecifent effect on people health.



1- Sleep disturbance is a major effect of environmental noise: Peace and quiet areas and potential positive health effects of sound environments. The natural environment sound has a good effect on health and sleep disturbance also natural background sounds in certain contexts can be seen as enjoyable or wanted. For instance,  birds chirping, wind rustling in trees and waves crashing on a beach. In shortly, Uninterrupted sleep is a prerequisite for good physiological and mental functioning.

On the contrary, when there is higher levels of  sound in the residential area , it can interrup to the sleep. Because of its arousal potential, sound can prevent a person falling asleep, affect sleep quality and cause awakening. Sleep is essential for human function. A good night’s sleep is also considered essential for quality of life, body health, face beauty. Sleep disturbance is a common complaint of noise-exposed populations and has the potential to affect health and quality of life. Also noise can impact on physiological functions. After prolonged exposure, susceptible individuals in the general population may develop permanent effects, such as hypertension and ischaemic heart disease associated with exposure to high sound levels.

According to researchers, after effects include sleepiness, daytime performance loss and cognitive deterioration. Poor sleep has been linked to numerous adverse consequences, including health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, depression and obesity (Riemann et al., 2011), as well as accidents and disability due to fatigue (Horne and Reyner, 1999), and lost workplace productivity (Iverson et al., 2010; Rosekind et al., 2010). 

2-Performance-Concreating disturbance:  It has been shown, mainly in studing people,workers, elderly and children that noise can adversely affect performance of cognitive tasks, psychological, motivation and also noise cognitive performance substantially degenerates for more complex tasks.  Noise can negatively affect processes requiring attention.

3-Hearing Impairment: Noise gave rise to hearing loss, In about one-third of people with hearing loss, exposure to excessive noise was reported to be at least partially responsible. The most common sources of noise injury are workplace noise, traffic noise, children screaming noise, dogs barking noise, neighbour noise, maintanence and repairing noise and loud music noise. In addition, high noise levels can also occur in open air concerts, pub-restaurant-bar, discotheques, motor vehicle, nursery school or from leisure activities.

4- High blood pressure- ischemic heart disease: Recent researches show that the noise activates the hypothalamo pituitary-adrenal center and the sympathetic adrenal medullary axis producing catecholamines and steroid hormones that affect metabolism. Changes in adrenalin, noradrenalin and cortisol levels are frequently observed in acute and chronic noise experiments. According to WHO, the general stress model, neuroendocrine arousal suppresses the immune system, influences the metabolic state of the organism. According to scientist, Cardiovascular disease includes ischaemic heart disease, myocardial infarction, hypertension (high blood pressure) and stroke. The number of epidemiological studies on the association between exposure to road traffic and aircraft noise, school-nursery school children noise, dogs barking noise, environmental noise pollution. Moreover, hypertension and ischaemic heart disease has increased in recent years at the noisy city life. 

5- Anxiety, Stress-Annoyance- Personality disorder and Unintended accident:  Many sounds are neutral. However, some types of noise can cause emotional responses, such as fear and anger. Annoyance is defined as ‘a feeling of displeasure associated with negative condition. Noise annoyance is a feeling of displeasure, discomfort or offence caused by noise interference. In addition, researches show that people need to live in a calm environment otherwise people can have some pschological and physical problems, such as anxiety, stress, panic attack, unintended accident etc. People have to respect vulnerable residents.

Researches show that there is no good relationships between environmental noise and human health, even though small effect sizes, the effects are not surprising given that environmental noise could be one of a multitude of risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

According to Wikipedia,” Noise has been associated with important cardiovascular health problems, particularly hypertension.[18][19][20]Noise levels of 50 dB(A) or greater at night may increase the risk of myocardial infarction by chronically elevating cortisol production”

There are the most unpleasant sounds they are listed. For example; Stray Dogs barking can be a nuisance to neighbours and residential area. Many dogs can bark at 100 dBA. Even at 17.5 yards away and with the dog outside a closed window, the noise level of a barking dog can be well over the level that causes psychological distress.

Loud music is music that is played at a high volume, often to the point where it disturbs others and/or causes hearing damage

In conclusion, The effect of noise is complicated. Research suggests that psychological health is associated with greater annoyance responses. Studies in adults have found that noise exposure relates to an increase in reported psychological symptoms and bodly semptoms such as anxiety and depression, concentration issue, changing personality-unintended accident( querrel, battle), ischaemic heart disease, myocardial infarction, hypertension (high blood pressure) and stroke. Research show, many people agreed that noise from construction, motor vehicles, high level music, children noise and other activities had greater effects on body health and and learning process. Also some people highlighted that using phone for conversation in streets affected productivity of people who live close the street.

In addition, population of children and private nursery school in the cities are increasing and the screaming of children is a complaint being voiced with increasing frequency. Some study show that there is a discipline control problems among students and teachers, therefore, there is a need to create awareness among students about noise pollution and its effects on learning and public health. Besides, nobody does not want to be labelled a complainer, but nursery school or children can be more of noise nuisance then standart noise. Students should be taught to be respectfull to their neighbourhood, teachers and families, just should teach them some common curtesy and keep the noise down, because people can disturb by frequent screaming children and shreaking children. Besides, screaming continually is jus not necessarly and it is annoying. Ond the other hand,people know that It is very important for children to play outside and to laugh and make noise, but there is a limit. Noisy people ought to learn empathy for vulnarable people. There are other people around and living and not everyone wants to hear somebody’s children shrieking.

Some study recommended the use of rules or enacting laws which prevent noise from motor vehicles, construction and repairment noise as well as other activities including music, dogs barking, school-nursery children noise- and etc. People should be awarenes of noise and it’s harmness on the body. When they have been disturbed by noise they can find their local authority to report noise nuisance 24 hours a day, local authority have to find a solution noise pollution, who should not let disturbance of the peace in residential area and communal area.








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