I would like to introduce and analyse SINAV film which is about education and I examined it for School-Family and Society lesson. The film produce in 2006 which is directed by Omer Faruk Sorak and Scenario written by Yigit Gokalp. The film was performed by famous actress and actors, such as Guvenc Kirac-Rafet, Ayda Aksel-Guler, Zafer Algoz-Komiser Metin, Altan Erekli, Humeyra-Fatma Hoca, Kadir Copdemir-Rami Hoca, Tuba Buyukustun-Assistant Menager, Ozge Ozder-Candan Hoca, Ismail Hacioglu,Okan Bayulgen, Jean Claud Van Damme-Charles, Betul Alganatay-Hande,Alpaslan Ozmol-Seyfo, Nejat Bilecik-Adnan,Yagmur Atacan-Sinan, Volkan Demirok-Uluc, Ibrahim, Selim-Ugur, Ali Surmeli-Selcuk, Kaan Yilmaz-Turan, Ruya Onel-Gamze.


SINAV film genre is a romantic-comedy. The film plot is that there is a grup high school student and they want to get University and they have to take an exam which is very difficult exam. They try to illegal solution to success at the exam and they get in trouble. The film theme is about moral values and faith, hard work, tolerance, patience, responsibility, trustiness, fidelity etc. The film gives educational messages, critic on the educational system, students of families and the film emphasis on individual differences and it critics to do rote learning. There can be a positive interaction or negative interaction between family and education- community, they give security and well-being. Besides, family, neighbourhood , social groups would give positive effect or negative effect to children’s life and their schooling. However, we see in the film that there are some educational values in the SINAV movie, such as honesty, bravely, kind and friendly, respectful, sensitive and selfless, loyal, trustworthy, reliable of self, sacrifice love, loyal and leadership. 

The film spotlight on the students social background and parent social background, parent relation is crucial issue to the children education. Because, Children need to parent’s understand and parents should see the ability of their children and so that. Education is important role in children life, for example, family is the first institution and premier in education community because children are born and grow up, therefore the ways of education in the family affect the development of character, manners, personality and talent and so on. In another word, scientific study says that “Community influence appears early in children’s lives and progress steadily as children mature”, also according to Lev Vygotsky, Children learn through social interaction. 

 Besides, scientific studies show that there are some challenging issues to children education, for instance, poverty, bully in home and in school-communities, body appearance, single-parent child. In this film, there are five students and their family. They represent some kind of family types such as Permissive family, Detached family, Democratic family

-Permissive Family who are allowing their children a great deal of freedom.

-Authoritarian family who are strictly forcing people to obey a set of rules.

-Detacted family who are sperated family.

-Democratic family; Everyone should have equal rights and should be involved in making important decision.

Some exams in the film. We see in the film that Mert-Sinan-Gamze-Kaan-Uluch, who being victim to fulfil the wishes of their parents, For example Mert( Ismail Hacioglu) loved learning but his family is not wealth and his father had left them,( it represent kind of detached family and permissive family) he has to work for earning his bread, because reducing their financial problems on his mother and therefore he can’t study at the school. Finally, his beloved mother has a deadly disaster, she wishes she could see her son achieve at the University entrance exam. Therefore, Mert is willing to cooperate with his classmates. Kaan is a talented musician but his parent wants him to be a doctor, ( It represents like an authorian family). Uluc’s father has a tribe at the southeast anatolia and the father is not concern in his son education, but Uluc wants  to get an university degree, he is a skilful student about mathematic. There is a strong pressure on these students to get successful at the university entrance exam. Therefore, they make some plans to steal mathematic exam of the questions in the high school and then they want to help from Charles-Jean Claud Van Damme to steal the university entrance exam. However, Kaan refuses to cheat to the exam, the five student take the exam but they aware of the questions which were not the same questions, the questions were belong to the passed year. School director assistant, Charles and a charitable man have made a plan to them for teaching a life lesson.

In conclusion, Education is very important for children life, so educational values should be introduced to the children early. Family hold an crucial role to the children because this is the first place for children to grow up. Parents should understand the desire and ability of their children and parents shouldn’t impose their passions. Foresight families are able to understand the desire and capabilities of their children, thereby they do not take wrong steps in education. The film tries to bring to the front problems created by a severe focus on grades and book knowledge and essentially cripples the restriction of freedom of thought and reflection that has become a characteristic of the educational system.

The film show that there is some factors related student and parental relationships, for instance, family structure and academic achievement, parental influence and student achievement, socioeconomic status and student development. We have observed in this film that parents have a dream for their children and they used coercive strategies to discipline their children, family discipline is in turn inclined their children to abnormal behaviour. Home environment and family behaviour effect onto the students academic achievement, it can be negative effect or positive effect, which is depend get on with family and family education level, also student background is important in this point. Another thing, family conflict strongly influences the relation between family structure and the well-being of students. An example from the film, Gamze’s father and mother have always argued and Gamze’s academic achievement has been effected. Unfortunately we don’t see Democratic family in this film.


SINAV Film Fragman (2006):

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